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Dark Nation

power and fear to rule all

Rufus Shinra
External Services:
  • fear_darknation@livejournal.com
  • goldxlll
Name: Rufus Shinra
Age: 28
Eyes: Bright, dark blue
Hair: Short, blond
Distinctive features:


► Mun Info/Profile/Background/Samples: Here
► IM Screen Name: TBA
► Room: Malacca Heights #42
► Roommate: N/A
► Allies: Do Turks count? Reno [tastesliketurky]
► Knowns: That annoying "SOLDIER" guy Cloud Strife [strata_materia]

[This journal is for fun pretendy timez only. | Mun takes no credit for original creation of character.]
[This chara is played by aisuyoukai. | It is currently in use at aegean_iterum.]
[Mun AIM: goldxlll | Chara AIM: TBA]